On this page you can find links to all the media associated with North West England Perl Mongers. If you would like to use any of the media for any purpose then please contact Mark or Ian for permission. You are free to link to the media on this site.

Index of Pictures - all meetings

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Pictures from the Liverpool Social, Meeting #3
Pictures from the 1st Manchester Technical, Meeting #4
Pictures from the 2nd Manchester Technical, Meeting #6

Index of Video

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Tech Meeting #2
Hakim Cassimaly - Functional Pe[a]rls
Ian Norton, Paul Tipper - Converting 16K Mailboxes
Matt S. Trout - OODB in Postgres
Mark Keating - Fire Procedures skit
Mark Keating - thanks

Tech Meeting #3: Lightning Talks
Mark Keating - What is the Enlightened Perl Organisation
Hakim Cassimaly - Streaming Yaml
Ian Norton - MiFare what is it? Why is it Cool?
JJ - cat in a Box
Carl Johnstone - Catalyst - creating a custom DispatchType
Barbie - The (Abridged) Statistics of CPAN
Ian Norton - Large Scale Physical Access Systems
Hakim Cassimaly - Italian Perl Workshop
Matt Trout - Why Use Perl 5
Mark Keating - thanks

Tech Meeting #5
Question the Catalyst Authors
Mark Keating - Kieren Diment - Jess Robinson - Matt S. Trout

Group Mascot getting slaughtered Liverpool Meet-up Manchester Technical Meet-up