List of Members

Mark Keating (co-Leader)
Mark Keating black and white image Mark Keating is an odd male with roughly four decades of chronological competence in his girth. He is married to Leigh a girl of great patience and undurpassed kawaii-ness. They both live in Lancaster, UK, conveniently since they are wed, with a cat called Darwin.

Mark Keating stumbled sideways into the magnificent world of Perl by way of linguistics, literature, a publishing company and an undefined close association with Matt Trout. He is the the managing director of Shadowcat Systems Limited a software development company specialising in Perl and modern web technology; secretary of the Enlightened Perl Organisation, a Perl-based organisation that promotes modern Community projects and Enterprise Grade support for the Perl Language; one-half leader of a group dedicated to Perl and Open Source communities (though receptive to other languages/technologies) and responsible for feats of adminion munging such as the 2008 London Perl Workshop. He is a neophyte evangilist of modern Perl and an advocate of Enlightenment thinking.
Ian Norton (co-Leader)
Image of Ian Norton I've been hacking Perl since 2001 and there's still so much to learn! Whilst not wrangling exim, herding linux system and working on access control technologies, I can be found roleplaying or singing tenor.
Matt Trout
black and white image of Matt Trout Matt S Trout was thrust into Perl at the tender age of seventeen by a backup accident. Two weeks later he realised that he was in love with the language and has been happily using it for systems automation, network, web and database development ever since.

He is a core developer (and repository admin) for the Catalyst web framework, the DBIx::Class ORM and the Moose metaprotocol and object system, as well as contributing to assorted other CPAN projects.

Matt spends his days leading the technical team at Shadowcat Systems Limited, an open source consultancy specialising in Catalyst, Perl applications deployment and systems architecture. Shadowcat sponsors web, source repository and mailing list hosting for Catalyst, DBIx::Class and a large number of associated projects, and creates and releases open source code both internally and on behalf of its clients.