Manchester Technical number 2 (meeting #6)

Osfameron presenting
Osfameron enjoying his lightning talk

Ian Norton Presenting
Ian Norton enjoying his Lightning Talk

JJ Presenting
JJ, guest appearance from, gives a talk

Carl Johnstone Presenting
Carl Johnstone of MEN media presenting

Barbie Presenting
Barbie, guest appearance from, presenting a talk

Matt S. Trout presenting
Matt S. Trout, Shadowcat, presenting a talk

Pub people
Ian Norton still unable to wipe the smile from his face

Pub people
Matt tries to enrapture the MEN boys

Pub people
Mark Keating in a sweaty moment (it was a hot night)

Pub people
Mark Keating in a different (yet still sweaty) pose

Pub people
Barbie and Osfameron enjoy a pint

Pub people
More beer swilling with Andy Armstrong in view

Niles, the Enlightened Perl Camel, gets a swift beer in