#23 Technical Meeting 11

20 November 2010

Hackday at the Shadowcat Offices in Lancaster.

This year's hackday will once again be held at the SC offices in Lancaster where there will be a range of snacks and drinks available from our sponsors Shadowcat Systems Limited. Everyone is invited to attend the hackday in person or via IRC/aether using the channel on

This year we will be attempting to get a first version (proof of concept) for the Oyster project suggested by Osfameron at the Lightning Talks meeting in September. We will also be further tweaking the Ironman codebase and attempting a triage of Perl 5 bugs with other groups. It has been decided that a mini-project hackday-in-a-box will be created for the day as suggested by Iain Hubbard.

We would love to have as many attendees join us worldwide for this event and look forward to discussing this with you all. Join us in our irc channel.

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