#6 Technical Meeting 3

1st July 2009

Event Location
Event Sign-up

This months North West England Perl Mongers technical meeting is once again in Manchester to be held at MEN Media, Hardman Street, Deansgate, M3A 3RN, starting at 7.30 p.m. but we reccommend you arrive from 7 p.m. to socialise beforehand. The location has been kindly organised by Iain Hubbard and Graeme Lawton. Ian and Mark would like to thank both of them for doing this and to extend our thanks to MEN Media for giving us the facilities. Due to the restrictions on room size this event is limited to just twenty places, so please use the above link to sign up as soon as possible and avoid disappointment.

As suggested at the last social meeting the theme of this Technical Talk will be Lightning Talks. So if you wish to give a Lightning Talk simply tell me what it is and I will write it up here. Or come on the night and surprise us with a talk. Lightning Talks can be on anything you wish, sure it'd be good if they were technical, but all they really have to be is...5 minutes long :).

If you wish to do a lightning talk then please contact Mark or Ian with your suggestion, or let us know on the night and we will fit them into the schedule. This is a perfect opportunity to talk if you have never spoken before or if you have a subject you wish to share with the wider community.

Lightning Talks

Mark Keating:
Introduction to the evening and voting on Matt S. Trout and Ian Norton's talks.

Matt S. Trout:
In true mst tradition, Matt has decided to go last in the Lightning Talks, he will allow the rest of the people at the meeting to decide on a title for him to present at the start of the evening, he will then give a talk with that title as his guide at the end. So come prepared, only one suggestion per person and the whole crowd will vote.

Mark Keating:
An Introduction to the Enlightened Perl Organisation with some reference to Enlightened Perl.

Streaming YAML: producing, reading and piping structured data.

Carl Johnstone:
Catalyst: creating a custom DispatchType

The (Abridged) Statistics Of CPAN.

Cat in a box - packaging Catalyst apps with PAR.

Ian Norton:
Ian would invite you to vote on which talk he gives:

  1. Large scale electronic physical access control systems - simples?
  2. MiFare. What is it? Why is it cool? Hasn't someone hacked the fuck out of it?!
  3. Designing a scalable email infrastructure using open source software
  4. Five minutes of singing - audience participation required!