#2 Technical Meeting 1

25th February 2009

Group Mascot getting slaughtered

The proposed program for the North West England Perl Mongers technical talks on the 25th of February will be as follows: Infolab C74, Lancaster Uni
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Matt Trout of Shadowcat Systems will give a twenty minute talk discussing Perl, it's modern capabilities and why you should think about learning and using it.

Mark Keating of Shadowcat Systems and The Enlightened Perl Organisation will give two ten minute talks, the first will be about Enlightened Perl and the community efforts being made to make Perl a more accessible an better language followed by a presentation about Google Summer of Code.

Matt Trout will then conclude the session with another twenty minute presentation about DBIx::Class, Catalyst, Moose and Reaction.

The meeting will begin with some brief introductions at 19:00 on the 25th of February though the exact venue on campus has yet to be confirmed.

After the meeting we'll hopefully be moving to County South for a beer or two where there will be chance to meet and discuss Perl with members of and the talk presenters. The program is about an hour long, but we expect we'll run on until about 20:15 depending on time between presentations and any questions and answers.

This is an opportunity to attend technical conference level talks not only locally but also at no charge! Some or all of the talks on the program have already featured at the annual London Perl Workshop in November 2008 and the PostgreSQL Conference, West US in October 2008.

Talk Abstracts

What is Enlightened Perl? What is the Enlightened Perl Organisation?

Modern Perl projects and their surrounding communities have developed in the years since the release of Perl 5.0: the continuing evolution of Perl into a more object orientated language; the growth of projects creating features developed for the, as yet unreleased, Perl 6 to enhance Perl 5; the practice of looking at other languages and learning from them; the culture of stable, test-driven releases that have more compatibility with their predecessors; are some of the features of this development.

This short talk will give a brief introduction to the idea of an Enlightened Perl and the Enlightened Perl Organisation and its aims. There will be a short Q&A session afterwards with two of the Directors.

GSOC (The Google Summer of Code)

This is the 5th year of the Google Summer of Code. It is the first year in which students from the North West will have a local Perl group willing to aid students/mentors in applying. This talk will serve as an introduction to GSOC and outline the process. We will also mention the projects that we know would be willing to have GSOC students working on.